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Leading the Industry into an Emerging New Era of Retailing

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Dear Fellow Trustees:

I am delighted to invite your participation in a historic endeavor for ICSC and the retail real estate industry. Beginning with our January 22nd meeting in Newport Beach, CA, we will launch “Envision 2020” . . . a Board of Trustees led initiative to redefine our industry for the year 2020 and beyond.

Envision 2020 represents collaboration in the truest sense:

  • It will leverage the considerable knowledge and expertise of over 100 current and former Board members to identify those transformative changes which will dramatically impact our industry.
  • It will provide a global platform for an earnest and free-flowing dialogue to determine where we are headed, both individually and collectively, and how we can best prepare for what’s to come.
  • It will engage the best minds in the global shopping center industry worldwide, together with an outstanding panel of academic experts, in determining “a way forward” for both our companies and the retail real estate sector as a whole.
  • It will provide us with a definitive strategy for directing the resources and staff efforts of our Association to most effectively support an industry in transformation.

The Envision 2020 discussion on January 22nd will be a highly interactive experience. Essentially, the Board will divide into eight teams – each addressing a key industry challenge identified in our September meeting in Denver. Following a morning of intensive discussion, we will reconvene after lunch to report out our findings and recommendations to the entire Board. All of this will be accomplished through an energetic and thoroughly enjoyable dialogue facilitated by Cynthia Graziano of GrayWolf Consulting, who has led similar dialogues among a broad range of Fortune 500 companies and industry organizations.

Please take some time in advance of our January 22nd meeting to peruse the preparatory materials posted on this “Envision 2020 Portal” for the exclusive use of our Trustees. On behalf of the ICSC leadership, I look forward with great enthusiasm to seeing you all in Newport Beach on January 22nd

Kindest regards,

Robert F. Welanetz, CRX,CSM
ICSC Chairman

The Envision 2020 Overview

Download the Envision Process Overview (pdf)

Industry Trend Statements

  1. Omni-Channel Retail: How can retailers and developers fully embrace this new integrated playing field to wholly engage the ever more tech-obsessed consumer?
  2. Generational Issues: How can we best navigate the shifting consumer shopping patterns, especially with “millennials,” and anticipate how they will impact shopping center commerce?
  3. Technology: How can we embrace the emerging technologies within the retail real estate industry to successfully engage the consumer?
  4. Collaboration: What is possible if developers and retailers stop viewing each other as adversaries and start forming partnerships, where both sides collaborate by sharing consumer insights, market research and implementation of new technologies?
  5. Distribution: How can we re-imagine retail stores and shopping centers as distribution points for fulfillment of purchases made both in-store and on-line? How may we take advantage of the old adage in real estate, “location, location, location”?
  6. Consumer Focus: How can we make the brick-and-mortar experience digitally interactive, while at the same time more efficient – providing the consumer with a great experience, ease, and more value?
  7. Retail Evolution: How will the retail business model change in the coming years, and how will rents adapt, especially if the new retail game plan is not always about “selling”?
  8. Finance: How do we educate lenders about the ongoing value of retail real estate, and ensure that capital keeps flowing into the retail real estate sector?

Meeting Resources

2014-2015 Officers

Chairman: Robert F. Welanetz, CRX, CSM
President/CEO: Michael P. Kercheval
Vice President, Eastern Division: Kenneth A. McIntyre, Jr., CRX
Vice President, Central Division: Vince Corno, CRX
Vice President, Western Division: Mark A. Schurgin
Vice President, Southern Division: Marty Mayer
Vice President, Canadian Division: Karen Flavelle
Vice President, European Division: John A. Strachan
Secretary Treasurer: Donald C. Wood